Things you didn’t know about tinder from a girl’s perspective.

If you haven’t had a few tinder dates in your life, there is a lot of fun you have missed. Being single and free is fun.. but being single, free and wanted could be funnier. If you ever have felt alone and not appreciated, we have a very good suggestion for you: Tinder! There would be someone in tinder for you too. It has something (someone) for everyone, always. But..note, you can also get disappointed, especially if you are new in this little, big dating world.  You should not allow yourself to be deceived.

Below we are going to say the reasons can make you remain a little bit doubtful  from tinder conversations. We will just prepare you for the truth, thank us later.

You will get a lot of beautiful, super thoughtful messages. The messages can be a little exaggerated. Most men use a lot copy and paste. So could happen that the message you got was also for all the other matches; especially if the message has a lot of surprising and over reacting content alike: “I was hoping to match you” or “Hey hey what a super cute surprise..” etc. This kind of messages are proof that you are writing with a player.


Be careful to the guys who want to chat with you just via WhatsApp and who say that they are not active in any other social media. This is something almost impossible. We really wish you to find this charming prince who doesn’t have time and will to expose himself in Instagram or Facebook but he wants probably to not expose you and his other tinder matches to the girlfriend or wife.

 Don´t be surprised about the fact you will meet someone who looks ten years older than the guy you saw in the pictures of their tinder profile. Guys like to add in tinder their old pictures where they looked nicer and more attractive. You can easily understand that from the quality and style the photos have.

  The most common question you will receive in tinder is: “What are you looking for here in tinder?” We advice you to not be shy and answer to this question in a very honest way and as you really think about it. If you don´t receive this question you need to be clear by your own about your intentions in tinder. Don´t waste your time and other peoples time with creating something from which both have completely different expectations.

This are just some points to be careful about guys in Tinder. Of course there are a lot of nice guys there too, just use well the feminine intuition to understand and read in a right way all the signals you receive. There are no strict recipes for heart affairs, just experiences and advice based on it. But we advice you to carefully create and live your own experience.





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