How to Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination looks like it is everyone´s game but at some point it can become a serious problem which damages us more than we realize. It is not just about the time we waste and the undone work we leave but also about the constant state it causes in us. In all the situations we catch ourselves not doing what we should be doing, we also catch ourselves being anxious and stressed about it. Procrastinating causes a double damage in our life.


Firstly we waste a lot of time and opportunities connected to our present and future. You are not aware of the amount of the possibilities you are wasting with procrastinating and not being honest to yourself in time. It is not just a question of time and opportunities, it is also a question of moving and changing your life. You are not reaching your goals exactly because of this vicious circle in which you are stuck without being aware enough to realize it.


We are going to give you some specific and concrete advice of how to get rid of procrastinating definitely. Read them, think about them calmly and try to practice them. You will find out how effective they can be.


Be aware that you will feel worse if you don´t do the things you should be doing. Trying to do everything later will not let you enjoy your free time. It is not truly free time anymore but the illusion of free time. You will never enjoy that time because you will feel under the pressure of the idea you should start working later. This fact doesn’t give you the freedom to relax and rest. There is a reason for the existence of the quote: “Business before pleasure.”

 Stop thinking and start doing. You should definitely stop procrastinating, not giving in to it for even a minute or second. Start doing what you are considering doing in the same immediate moment. Sit down or stand up, take the things you need and start doing what you have to do.


 When you wake up, don´t stay in bed more than 15 minutes. Then stand up, open the window, do your bed and prepare yourself. Take a shower and brush your teeth. In this way, you are more ready and willing to do things than in case you decide to stay in your pajamas.

Be decided and do not enter into negotiations. Not with yourself and neither with other people. Do what you have planned to do and provide yourself the time you budgeted for it. Stay loyal to that and do not give up on account of less important stuff and moments. If someone or even a friend demands your time or requires discussions, learn how to politely avoid them by telling them you need to finish something important and you will immediately call them back or meet them as soon as you are free.

 Make meditation and sports a routine. Fix a morning and evening routine in which you include them both. Be respectful of your routines and do not ever skip them for staying on your phone. Turn the internet off in certain timeframes and concentrate on your real life.

It first appears that this topic is of little importance and not that serious but its consequences tell another story. Be careful on how you treat your daily life. Your habits, which ultimately define your lifestyle, will also directly affect your health and welfare.



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