How to find the strength and confidence for standing up again in life.

Concentrate on yourself.
Make yourself a priority and stay away from gossiping and watching other people’s lives. The worst thing you can do in a difficult moment of your life is to compare yourself to others. It will hurt and make you suffer unnecessarily. Be aware that you are comparing only partially.
You are doing this with just a part of the story you think you know. People and their lives are like icebergs. The most important and significant things about them are what they don’t show and what cannot be seen. Be strong enough to judge yourself objectively or by a few people you really trust. Opening up with everyone or letting yourself down will not bring anything good to you.

Be realistic and don’t judge from the present position.
After everything happens, we all like to play the small role telling what could have been done better in the past. We forget that in that moment we were doing so because it was the best option we had. We forget that we had less knowledge on the situation that brought the decision and the result we went through. We forget that if we would have never done wrong we would have never got conscious of the good.
In certain moments we need to put ourselves in this unpleasant situations to learn and understand a lot of more things about the world and our inner self.

Stay away from toxics and critics.
This sounds a cliché; try to stay around happy, positive people etc. But the truth is sometimes you don’t really realize who the toxic people are and the serious damage they are causing you. If you find yourself stressed, nervous and in a bad mood often, try to understand what is happening around you and analyze in calm everything alone. Give importance to how people make you feel.

Don’t avoid the reality with giving strength to your weakness.
Confront everything what happened, be strong enough to talk about it, think and accept your part of responsibility in the story. If you don’t do these things and run or hide from the truth instead, it will me be more difficult to get rid of the story and you will probably remain hostage of a memory which will make you very sad in silence every time you will think about it.

Be strong. Life would have never been so wonderful if it would have been easy.

From Amazona Hasani.
Pictures: Pexels.

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