Four reasons which make you grow old faster in winter.

Unfortunately there is a right impression about the fact our body is growing old in faster steps during the winter, regardless of our will. The only weapon we have against it is knowledge and how to use it to protect ourselves from aging and other physical problems. These are for sure some factors which we seriously should take into consideration.

The lack of physical activity. Nobody likes to go running or at the gym when it´s cold. This effects a lot our weight and body shape. The whole winter situation also makes us feel more stressed, passive and this doesn’t help a lot.

Not using your SPF cream. Most people think that they need to use their sun protector cream only in the summer sunny days, but the truth is they need to use it every day, even in the winter cloudy days.

You are showering with hot water. There are a lot of people who like the feeling of the hot water on their bodies. The water in a high temperature is almost destroying your skin. Don’t stay in the shower more than 15 minutes and try to apply a moisturizing cream after it. Hot water dries your skin.

A constant state of fatigue. This feeling depends on a lot of factors; physical and psychological. We will never be able to control ourselves 100% because our body doesn’t always give us this chance.
At least we should do the best with what we can have under our control. So, if you continually are waking up tired and without energy for the day, try to figure out, why? Is there a lot of sugar that isn’t permitting your body to have a deep rest and sleep, is there not enough sleep? Improving these elements will definitely improve a lot of visible and non-visible elements connected to your body.

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