Five Tips to Look Like a French Girl.

French girls look always simple, casual but also cured and ready to steal everyone´s attention. They have a special style which makes them different and identifiable wherever they go. Here are some well though ideas which will help you to look elegant and sophisticated same as French girls look.

Wear less. This means that you don’t need to exaggerate with a pullover, with colors or whatever that looks too much. When you don’t know what to wear, wear black. It is not risky and always in. Be confident with your body and don’t try to hide certain parts of it for which you feel doubtful about. You will probably make them more visible. Naturalness and comforts will complete a better figure than trying to hide something because of insecurity. Nothing will make you look better than confidence.

Wear clean and iron before you leave home. This will make your clothes look always new and u will seem like a person who wears expensive and well. Also we advice you to often take in consideration the white (color) as well. A white beautiful dress, pants or t-shirt always gives the impression of a high class, simple and sophisticated outfit.

Have a super small bag. A very small bag is stylish and makes the outfit elegant and fancy. It is as accessory not really useful, just complementary and luxury. We like to give you the concrete idea of it. This nice small bag of SAINT LAURENT is the perfect combination for different cases and outfits. So it´s an investment.

Give importance to the shoes. Invest in your shoes. If your shoes are good, they will make better the rest of the outfit as well. Dare with their model or colors and don’t always remain loyal of the same classical models and combinations. In this case we will definitely suggest you to have a look to Zara shoes. They always come with great new daring ideas and suggestions.

Wear less jewelry. Don´t complicate and risk your look with unnecessary necklaces, earrings or rings. Try to maintain an equilibrium between these accessories. Do not put them all together unless it is about a very simple set for a special case. In the daily life we would recommend you maximally wear just a necklace when your t-shirt is simple or just some big earrings without nothing else added.

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