Best Creams for Dark Spots Removal

Are dark spots taking over your skin? The damage from sunrays has led to aggressive hyper-pigmentation and melasma? Dark spots are a really big worry for some, and natural for some, depending on how you feel about dark spots, or where you have them, or how big they are, and how uncomfortable or comfortable you are with them, there are times where you simply just want to get rid of them. We are listing here our top recommendations on the best creams for Dark Spots Removal, whether they are on your nose, forehead, or rest of the face. You are afraid of the sun, because it makes your skin discolour even further? This is a stressful situation and the only real solution is to tackle this problem from the roots, not cover it up with makeup, it won’t improve your skin, on the contrary it will worsen your skin health, especially your faces skin.

1.AdmireMySkin – UltraPotent Brightening Serum

Admire Skin Ultra Potent
Dark Spot Remover
$23.00 on AMZ
This is a 2% HydroQuinone Dark Spot Remover for your face. This cream also helps with Melasma Treatmen.It contains Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid and Lactic Acid.
The 2% HydroQuinone that the cream contains, Helps brighten the dark spots and fade them, helps with hyperpigmentation and melasma as well because The acids gently peel dark spots to reveal brighter and renewed skin.
Usage frequency:
Either once OR twice per day
Expect results within:
Use this cream for 4 weeks and you’ll see that you dark spots have faded and your complexion will be smoother and toned

2. PINPOXE – Freckle Brightning Skin

20.99 on AMZ
This cream from pinpoxe, serves as a skin lightener and helps with freckle treatment.
About the product DARK SPOTS over your skin? The sun damage has led to aggressive hyperpigmentation and melasma?
Freckles and brown spots are visible from a mile? Then you need to fight off this un-even skin effect with this cream instead of covering it up with makeup, which is just covering up your real problem.
This Whitening Cream Brightens the stains especially on your face, chest or other sensitive areas. This natural serum fades age spots dark spots. It serves as an uneven skin tone corrector, sun spots, freckles and acne scars/.
Expect results within:
With PinPoxe you can expect results 6 weeks of nocturnal use.

3. EvaGloss – Lightening Serum / Natural Skincare

bout the product
This cream provides a natural and effective lightening effect on your skin. This powerful yet natural lightening serum formula works deeply in your skin and reduces dark sports while whitening your skin at the same time, it also helps with hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration and melasma like every other creme.
It is safe and gentle on your skin, doesn’t use harsh chemicals and hydroquinone, the natural lightening serum is very GENTLE and safe to use on a daily basis. There are no known side effects, because of its natural compounds.
The creme is suitable for both the face and the body. It can be used generously on all parts of your face and body including your inner thighs, armpit, underarms, private and other sensitive areas(nipples), elbows, beck etc.
People who have used this creme have reported a skin 3 times lighter through using this lightening serum regularly. And this is what its most known for.

Best Sunscreen For Face 2019

1. EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen is a sunscreen cream for Sensitive and Acne/Prone Skin.
Its sun protector factor is 46. EltaMD is totally oil free and dermatologically proved and recommended. This product is Mineral Based and with Zinc Oxide Formula.

How to find the strength and confidence for standing up again in life.

Concentrate on yourself.
Make yourself a priority and stay away from gossiping and watching other people’s lives. The worst thing you can do in a difficult moment of your life is to compare yourself to others. It will hurt and make you suffer unnecessarily. Be aware that you are comparing only partially.
You are doing this with just a part of the story you think you know. People and their lives are like icebergs. The most important and significant things about them are what they don’t show and what cannot be seen. Be strong enough to judge yourself objectively or by a few people you really trust. Opening up with everyone or letting yourself down will not bring anything good to you.

Be realistic and don’t judge from the present position.
After everything happens, we all like to play the small role telling what could have been done better in the past. We forget that in that moment we were doing so because it was the best option we had. We forget that we had less knowledge on the situation that brought the decision and the result we went through. We forget that if we would have never done wrong we would have never got conscious of the good.
In certain moments we need to put ourselves in this unpleasant situations to learn and understand a lot of more things about the world and our inner self.

Stay away from toxics and critics.
This sounds a cliché; try to stay around happy, positive people etc. But the truth is sometimes you don’t really realize who the toxic people are and the serious damage they are causing you. If you find yourself stressed, nervous and in a bad mood often, try to understand what is happening around you and analyze in calm everything alone. Give importance to how people make you feel.

Don’t avoid the reality with giving strength to your weakness.
Confront everything what happened, be strong enough to talk about it, think and accept your part of responsibility in the story. If you don’t do these things and run or hide from the truth instead, it will me be more difficult to get rid of the story and you will probably remain hostage of a memory which will make you very sad in silence every time you will think about it.

Be strong. Life would have never been so wonderful if it would have been easy.

From Amazona Hasani.
Pictures: Pexels.

Four reasons which make you grow old faster in winter.

Unfortunately there is a right impression about the fact our body is growing old in faster steps during the winter, regardless of our will. The only weapon we have against it is knowledge and how to use it to protect ourselves from aging and other physical problems. These are for sure some factors which we seriously should take into consideration.

The lack of physical activity. Nobody likes to go running or at the gym when it´s cold. This effects a lot our weight and body shape. The whole winter situation also makes us feel more stressed, passive and this doesn’t help a lot.

Not using your SPF cream. Most people think that they need to use their sun protector cream only in the summer sunny days, but the truth is they need to use it every day, even in the winter cloudy days.

You are showering with hot water. There are a lot of people who like the feeling of the hot water on their bodies. The water in a high temperature is almost destroying your skin. Don’t stay in the shower more than 15 minutes and try to apply a moisturizing cream after it. Hot water dries your skin.

A constant state of fatigue. This feeling depends on a lot of factors; physical and psychological. We will never be able to control ourselves 100% because our body doesn’t always give us this chance.
At least we should do the best with what we can have under our control. So, if you continually are waking up tired and without energy for the day, try to figure out, why? Is there a lot of sugar that isn’t permitting your body to have a deep rest and sleep, is there not enough sleep? Improving these elements will definitely improve a lot of visible and non-visible elements connected to your body.

Five Tips to Look Like a French Girl.

French girls look always simple, casual but also cured and ready to steal everyone´s attention. They have a special style which makes them different and identifiable wherever they go. Here are some well though ideas which will help you to look elegant and sophisticated same as French girls look.

Wear less. This means that you don’t need to exaggerate with a pullover, with colors or whatever that looks too much. When you don’t know what to wear, wear black. It is not risky and always in. Be confident with your body and don’t try to hide certain parts of it for which you feel doubtful about. You will probably make them more visible. Naturalness and comforts will complete a better figure than trying to hide something because of insecurity. Nothing will make you look better than confidence.

Wear clean and iron before you leave home. This will make your clothes look always new and u will seem like a person who wears expensive and well. Also we advice you to often take in consideration the white (color) as well. A white beautiful dress, pants or t-shirt always gives the impression of a high class, simple and sophisticated outfit.

Have a super small bag. A very small bag is stylish and makes the outfit elegant and fancy. It is as accessory not really useful, just complementary and luxury. We like to give you the concrete idea of it. This nice small bag of SAINT LAURENT is the perfect combination for different cases and outfits. So it´s an investment.

Give importance to the shoes. Invest in your shoes. If your shoes are good, they will make better the rest of the outfit as well. Dare with their model or colors and don’t always remain loyal of the same classical models and combinations. In this case we will definitely suggest you to have a look to Zara shoes. They always come with great new daring ideas and suggestions.

Wear less jewelry. Don´t complicate and risk your look with unnecessary necklaces, earrings or rings. Try to maintain an equilibrium between these accessories. Do not put them all together unless it is about a very simple set for a special case. In the daily life we would recommend you maximally wear just a necklace when your t-shirt is simple or just some big earrings without nothing else added.

How to Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination looks like it is everyone´s game but at some point it can become a serious problem which damages us more than we realize. It is not just about the time we waste and the undone work we leave but also about the constant state it causes in us. In all the situations we catch ourselves not doing what we should be doing, we also catch ourselves being anxious and stressed about it. Procrastinating causes a double damage in our life.


Firstly we waste a lot of time and opportunities connected to our present and future. You are not aware of the amount of the possibilities you are wasting with procrastinating and not being honest to yourself in time. It is not just a question of time and opportunities, it is also a question of moving and changing your life. You are not reaching your goals exactly because of this vicious circle in which you are stuck without being aware enough to realize it.


We are going to give you some specific and concrete advice of how to get rid of procrastinating definitely. Read them, think about them calmly and try to practice them. You will find out how effective they can be.


Be aware that you will feel worse if you don´t do the things you should be doing. Trying to do everything later will not let you enjoy your free time. It is not truly free time anymore but the illusion of free time. You will never enjoy that time because you will feel under the pressure of the idea you should start working later. This fact doesn’t give you the freedom to relax and rest. There is a reason for the existence of the quote: “Business before pleasure.”

 Stop thinking and start doing. You should definitely stop procrastinating, not giving in to it for even a minute or second. Start doing what you are considering doing in the same immediate moment. Sit down or stand up, take the things you need and start doing what you have to do.


 When you wake up, don´t stay in bed more than 15 minutes. Then stand up, open the window, do your bed and prepare yourself. Take a shower and brush your teeth. In this way, you are more ready and willing to do things than in case you decide to stay in your pajamas.

Be decided and do not enter into negotiations. Not with yourself and neither with other people. Do what you have planned to do and provide yourself the time you budgeted for it. Stay loyal to that and do not give up on account of less important stuff and moments. If someone or even a friend demands your time or requires discussions, learn how to politely avoid them by telling them you need to finish something important and you will immediately call them back or meet them as soon as you are free.

 Make meditation and sports a routine. Fix a morning and evening routine in which you include them both. Be respectful of your routines and do not ever skip them for staying on your phone. Turn the internet off in certain timeframes and concentrate on your real life.

It first appears that this topic is of little importance and not that serious but its consequences tell another story. Be careful on how you treat your daily life. Your habits, which ultimately define your lifestyle, will also directly affect your health and welfare.



Things you didn’t know about tinder from a girl’s perspective.

If you haven’t had a few tinder dates in your life, there is a lot of fun you have missed. Being single and free is fun.. but being single, free and wanted could be funnier. If you ever have felt alone and not appreciated, we have a very good suggestion for you: Tinder! There would be someone in tinder for you too. It has something (someone) for everyone, always. But..note, you can also get disappointed, especially if you are new in this little, big dating world.  You should not allow yourself to be deceived.

Below we are going to say the reasons can make you remain a little bit doubtful  from tinder conversations. We will just prepare you for the truth, thank us later.

You will get a lot of beautiful, super thoughtful messages. The messages can be a little exaggerated. Most men use a lot copy and paste. So could happen that the message you got was also for all the other matches; especially if the message has a lot of surprising and over reacting content alike: “I was hoping to match you” or “Hey hey what a super cute surprise..” etc. This kind of messages are proof that you are writing with a player.


Be careful to the guys who want to chat with you just via WhatsApp and who say that they are not active in any other social media. This is something almost impossible. We really wish you to find this charming prince who doesn’t have time and will to expose himself in Instagram or Facebook but he wants probably to not expose you and his other tinder matches to the girlfriend or wife.

 Don´t be surprised about the fact you will meet someone who looks ten years older than the guy you saw in the pictures of their tinder profile. Guys like to add in tinder their old pictures where they looked nicer and more attractive. You can easily understand that from the quality and style the photos have.

  The most common question you will receive in tinder is: “What are you looking for here in tinder?” We advice you to not be shy and answer to this question in a very honest way and as you really think about it. If you don´t receive this question you need to be clear by your own about your intentions in tinder. Don´t waste your time and other peoples time with creating something from which both have completely different expectations.

This are just some points to be careful about guys in Tinder. Of course there are a lot of nice guys there too, just use well the feminine intuition to understand and read in a right way all the signals you receive. There are no strict recipes for heart affairs, just experiences and advice based on it. But we advice you to carefully create and live your own experience.





Questi cinque ristoranti sono i più economici di Monaco!


Sappiamo tutti quanto è costoso vivere a Monaco, e tutto diventa ancora più difficile quando si è studenti con problemi di tempo e soldi. Ma anche se abbiamo problemi, tutti vogliamo mangiare qualcosa di “bello”alla fine della giornata. A volte non abbiamo tempo per cucinare, a volte non abbiamo il tempo di rientrare a casa per mangiare, o qualche altra volta vogliamo solo avere bei momenti con gli nostri amici.

Tutti questi motivi ci portano a scegliere di mangiare fuori, e questo accade molto spesso. Visto che è una cosa che succede spesso significa che dovremmo stare attenti a ciò che mangiamo perché influisce sulla nostra salute e sui nostri costi, che sono talvolta importanti come la nostra salute. Dopo aver provato molti ristoranti a Monaco, abbiamo selezionati cinque, che nella nostra opinione sono i più economici e qualitativi.

Segui la nostra opinione e avrai un buon pasto per non tanti soldi!

Il nostro primo suggerimento è Ristorante e Biergarten “Brunnergarten”. Se sei nuovo in città, è sicuramente un posto da andare. Essendo un ristorante bavarese farà una ottima presentazione dei piatti locali e delle specialità tedesce. Qui puoi provare il miglior würstel, brezel e birra. Per una’impressione completa del ristorante, questo è il sito web:

Se sei fan dell cibo americano e del loro modo di mangiare, puoi pagare di meno e mangiare di più su wolfsBurger im Mayflower. Lì troverai assolutamente i migliori hamburger che hai mai mangiato. Per una’impressione completa del ristorante, questo è il sito web:

Il nostro terzo suggerimento va per un ristorante messicano, Condesa. Con il vantaggio che ci sono più di un ristorante Condesa a Monaco, puoi trovare quello più vicino a te e con il cibo piu mmmm. Dopo quel burrito ti leccherai le dita, ups, scusa…

Per una’impressione completa del ristorante, questo e il sito web:

Più parliamo di cibo più diventiamo emotivi con mm e altri sentimenti. Ma la vera ragione della nostra emotività è sicuramente perché questa volta consiglieremo un ristorante italiano. Vuoi sentirti come se la tua mamma o la nonna ha cucinato per te? Non c’è altro da dire.. vai lì è il richiamo del sangue. Per una’impressione completa del ristorante, questo è il sito web:

L’ultimo è il ristorante greco. Il cibo mediterraneo sano e vivace è sempre una buona idea. Dovresti mangiarlo almeno una volta alla settimana. Per una’impressione completa del ristorante, questo è il sito web:

Ringraziatemi dopo ragazzi, grazie, ciao.


La vacanza di quest’anno ha solo un nome: Valbona.

Avevo un può che stavo pensando di farmi una bella vacanza. Però erò indecisa. Un amico mi ha raccomandato di andare a Valbona; un villaggio turistico albanese, tra montagne e laghi. Senza pensare due volte ho deciso: andrò a visitare questo posto stupendo.

Con il aiuti di “Alexgjensi Turistike”, un agenzia turistica che si è occupata con la organizzazione del viaggio siamo partiti da Tirana verso le 06:00 del mattino. La giornata era stupenda. Dopo un’ora e mezzo di viaggio ci siamo fermati per fare colazione in un bar a Scutari, “Kompleksi Luani”. 40 minuti di riposo ed eccoci di nuovo in viaggio.

Per arrivare a Valbona dovevamo prendere anche il traget per circa due ore e venti minuti.

Tra pochi minuti eravamo già sul traget. Tre piani, una sala grande per mangiare e riposare, un posto in cima dove tutti i giovani ma non solo, andavano per ballare e prendere il sole.

Mentre il traget scivolava lentamente sul lago, noi guardavamo il panorama; il lago circondato dai monti alti, uccelli che volano, altri mezzi di transporto che vano e vengono, due ragazzini in una barca che ci salutavano con mani e per completare il saluto si sono tufati in acqua.

Due ore e venti minuti sul traget. Finalmente eravamo a terra.


Di nuovo sul pulmino; dovevamo viaggiare ancore circa un’ora per arrivare a Valbona. L’albergo “Fusha e gjësë” erà fantastico. Dopo il benvenuto che ci hanno dato i padroni siamo andati nelle camere. Una doccia, un piccolo riposino, ed eravamo pronti a fare un bel’ giro intorno per scoprire le meraviglie nascoste di Valbona.

Il tempo e passato in fretta mentre scoprivamo le belleze del posto. Montagne altissime, aria pulita, cascate, capre, pecore, aquile che volavano in alto.

La notte e arrivata pacifica in quei monti perduti d’Albania. Siamo scesi nell’ristorante del albergo per cenare, tutto il gruppo insieme. In sfondo c’era della bella musica. La pista da ballo erà piena di gente, che ballava e rideva. L’atmosfera erà fantastica. Tra il mangiare e il ballare sono arrivati le due del mattino. Andavamo  tutti nelle camere nostre per riposare. Domani ci aspettava un nuovo giorno.

La strada di ritorno sarebbe quella che pasava da Kosovò. Siamo passati da Gjakova, e altri paesetti di Kosovo e ci siamo fermati a Prizren. Una delle città più vecchie. Abbiamo visitato i muzei, i mercati, i negozi, la moschea. L’ora del pranzo e arrivata e la nostra guida ci ha portato in un ristorante chiamato “BESKA”, dove il cibo erà molto buono, si mangiava bene e si pagava poco.

Dopo aver finito di mangiare, ci siamo rimesi di nuovo in viaggio.Verso le 21:00 eravamo a Tirana. Il viaggio è stato perfetto ed incantevole. Ci siamo divertiti tantissimo. E se mi chiedete di farlo di nuovo lo farei volentieri senza pensare due volte; per ciò lo raccomando anche a voi di visitarlo Valbona.



Da Xheni Shehaj.


Scoprite oggi che tipo di turista siete!


Thethi, una desinazione da non perdere!

Ci sono sempre due tipi di turisti: quelli che rischiano e quelli che si accontentano con poco. Seguitemi in questa nuova aventura per scoprire in che gruppo fatte parte!
L’estate è arrivata e le vacanze si devono godere alla grande. Ogniuno di noi ha una lista con i posti che vuole visitare. Ma questa volta la destinazione della vostra vacanza ve la scelgo io.
Vi raccomando di visitare: Theth, un villaggio turistico in mezzo ai Alpi albanesi. Aria pulita, verde ovunque, sentieri e montagne da salire, Theth e una destinazione tutta da scoprire. Le montagne ti guardano come se voleresso sfidarti; i prati ti invitano a sdraiarti e riposare .
Nel centro del villaggio ci sono dei piccoli pensioni dove pottete dormire e mangiare. Dopo un bel riposo i turisti quelli coraggiosi prendeno la strada verso la montagna, per ammirare una delle piu belle cascate. La strada e dura, difficile e anche pericolosa però per chi ama l’aventura e l’adrenalina è la strada perfetta.
Quando si arriva in alto la prima cosa che fannoi turisti sono le foto. Davanti vi apparerà la natura con tutta la sua magia.

Invece per quelli non troppo coraggiosi raccomandiamo di visitare la chiesa, una piccola chiesa in mezzo a un prato, e anche una cascata piu piccola dove si può andare facilmente.
Per il primo giorno bastano queste meraviglie. La serata continuerà con la cena tipica albanese, musica e danza fuori nell’giardino del pensione.
La mattina arriva presto e un altro giorno vi aspetterà, tra montagne da salire, cascate e prati da riposare.
L’ultima cosa da visitare e che non si deve perdere e “occhio azzurro”.


Ma per andare in quel posto magico dovete fare due ore di strada a piedi. Sotto i vostri piedi si vedono immense profondità. I sentieri sono stretti e dovete fare molto attenzione.

Dopo due ore si arriva nel destinazione. La panorama e fantasticà! L’acqua blu riflette l’immagine di ciascuno. Il sole splende e scalda. La gente fa il bagno nell’acqua fredda.
Quando il sole tramonta pottete prendere la strada verso casa.
Due giorni a Theth sono sufficienti per scoprire questo villaggio carinissimo e visitare tutti  i luoghi importanti.





Idea e foto da Xheni Shehaj.